June 2016 Update

We are excited to let you know that “Peace Has No Borders” is ready! We’ve started sending it out to a few select film festivals. Our plan is to work on festival, educational and broadcast markets first. Then, we look forward to making “Peace Has No Borders” widely available on both digital and DVD platforms. We know we have an important story that continues to play out today.

We can use your help getting the film out to its audience. The film festival circuit is tough, and we’re being strategic. Do you have a favorite film festival in your region? Do you think “Peace Has No Borders” would be a fit? If so, let us know. And, let the festival director know. Let’s work together! Getting the film screened at festivals, and getting positive reviews early are key to success in other markets.

It’s so great to have made it this far. We still have a few finishing touches (finalizing credits, color correction, and final sound mix), but WOW… we’re OK! Thanks for your support along the way.